Cosmetic Fillers

When you’re young, your face is plump and firm with taut, smooth skin. As you mature, your face begins to lose its firmness, causing furrows, folds, and wrinkles. Cosmetic fillers can revitalize your appearance by adding volume to your facial structure, allowing your skin to lie smoothly over plump, youthful features. At The Vein Center of South Carolina, we have registered nurses who specialize in injectable fillers. Your nurse will give you a free consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment.


Injectable implants, or fillers, have been used for many decades. There are many types of fillers, including collagen and synthetic fillers. Most fillers are injected below the skin’s surface to add volume and stimulate the skin’s natural collagen growth, visibly reducing wrinkles and lines, enhancing cheeks, plumping lips, and lifting and smoothing scar depressions. Treatments are done on an outpatient basis. A local anesthetic may be necessary for some procedures. Visible results can last twelve to eighteen months, depending on the type of product used. You and your provider can determine which filler best meets your needs during your consultation.